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Leopard Button Problem

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    Leopard Button Problem

    Reposting this as a new thread...

    The new Leopard support is great! Just what I've been waiting for.

    I'm having a little problem I hope someone can help with.

    When I trigger an event with Leopard Screen Set To Any trigger it seems to work fine. However, when I trigger an event by doing a Set To a specific # (for a specific button on the leopard) it only triggers the event about 50% of the time.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    p.s. I am running the latest cmax.

    Would also like feedback on this problem.

    Thanks Much !!!!!


      Does anyone have the Set To Value event trigger working consistently with Leopard buttons?


        You may want to send Rich an e-mail directly on this one. When I get no response from the board, and I need some help, especially with this kind of problem, I let Rich know directly. Would like to know myself what the story is here. If you find out from Rich directly, can you e-mail me with the results. Thanks Much.



          Wanted to contact you regarding your Leopard problem via your e-mail address, but your e-mail address link does not work. Would like to converse with you regarding the Leopard Display panel, as I also have one, but can't send to your e-mail address. Would love to hear from you regarding the Leopard Display issues you are having.