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SECU16IR setup w/ HomeSeer

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    SECU16IR setup w/ HomeSeer

    Ocelot is working. Have added a SECU16IR and SECU16I, did the setup of the variables in the setup within HomeSeer and re-started. (many times)

    I have added learned 5 IR commands that are tested and working within C-MAX.

    Using a script - cpuxa.playremoteIR 2,4,3
    (module 2, IR port 4, learned IR #3)

    HS log is this:
    ~!~Event Trigger~!~Trigger from menu (!!! TEST EVENT !!!)
    ~!~Error~!~Ocelot not configured
    ~!~Error~!~Script error in file: IRtest.txt: 0: in line 0

    NEVERMIND - I got it. Persistance paid off.
    - for those that stumble after me, be sure to set up the IR config (VIEW - IR config is 1 line below Options). Remembering that HS #1 is CMAX #0. I oops'd there too.

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