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HomeSeer & Ocelot - What's the best way to use?

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    HomeSeer & Ocelot - What's the best way to use?

    I have HomeSeer 1.6 and Ocelot. What is the the best way to use these? I am not interested in any plugins or more ($) extras. I have the Homeseer runing on (YECH) Windows XP and the Ocelot as well. Right now, the Ocelot is too weak to "enforce" lighting rules in my home which is why I also have Homeseer with my CM11A doing the job that Ocelot SHOULD have been able to do all along. The PSC05 (with Mods) is still not good enough to just let the Ocelot take control of the house in my X10 crowded neighborhood.
    Thanks in advance!

    Do you have a coupler/repeater installed?

    Not just a simple coupler, but you do want one with a repeater (or amplifier, both terms are used). Something like the Leviton HCA02. I have one of those and have no more X10 signal issues since I installed it (other than the often erratic SwitchLinc - reset them and all is fine).

    You might also want to plug the PSC05 into another outlet.

    If your neighbors all have X10 and you're getting signals from their homes (which you seem to imply - though I guess by "neigborhood" you could be referring to the devices in your home), you might need to get a block installed on the incoming service line. Never installed one of these as I've never had a problem. It won't matter what X10 interface you're using (CM11A or PSC05) if you're having these problems!

    Also, keep in mind the Ocelot plugin is included with HomeSeer, no extra $$$...