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HomeSeer and Leopard as slave

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    HomeSeer and Leopard as slave

    A few questions about the Ocelot/Leopard plugin...

    I currently have an Ocelot running with HomeSeer, and have a Leopard II on order - should be here tomorrow...

    My Ocelot will be running as Master on the ADI bus, and the Leopard II as a slave (which I understand to be the best configuration).

    I plan on continuing to use the Ocelot with HomeSeer as my X10 and I/O interface.

    However, I would like for HomeSeer to be able to directly write text to the Leopard's screen, for updates of things such as weather, etc, that the Leopard cannot directly do. As well as to use the Leopard to view HomeSeer log messages. Should be able to do this with the latest plugin from my understanding.

    Question though is that can I have HomeSeer talk to BOTH the Ocelot *AND* the Leopard II at the same time?? (of course using different COM ports). This would allow me to use different instances of the plugin in a script to talk to each device. I would guess this is not currently possible.

    Another question would be will the plugin let me send text through my Ocelot to the remote Leopard II? I know that from a CMAX program I can have the Ocelot send a text message (predefined) to the Leopard II's screen. Didn't know if the HomeSeer plugin allowed somewhat equivalent functionality...

    Any ideas?

    If the answer is NO, then I guess I could simply configure HomeSeer to only see the Ocelot, and then write a custom plugin or just direct serial port stuff, to talk to the Leopard through a HomeSeer script... However, I'd rather not have to "reinvent the wheel" if there was any other way to do this...

    Thanks for any help you can provide...

    Dont get a leopard. The support for the touch screen is almost non existant.