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OK Can anyone tell me this?

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    OK Can anyone tell me this?

    What is the purpose and use of the leopard Screen Device in homeseer. ?

    It would stand to reason that it should have somthing to do with the screen ? But how is it used? what does it do ? I have watched its state when touching the screen and it does nothing that i can see. Would it be the connection to homeseer I am looking for to alow homeseer to detect screen and button touches ?



      Can you let us know what you had to do to get it working?


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        The following I added to the startup script.
        Note I am using the Screen cordinates option. This way I dont have to create buttons in CMAX.
        Sub Main

        ' Other startup commands etc.........
        'To enable the Touch Screen Support
        '0 = Turn off
        '1 = Reutrn button press
        '2 = Return Screen coordinates
        hs.plugin("ADIOcelot").EnableTouch 2
        end sub

        The following is a short code snip which i attached to an event that runs when the "Leopard Screen" Variable changes to any state.

        sub main()
        Dim OutsideTemp
        Dim Touch

        'Get the value of the screen touched position.
        ' The Screen is devided into 6 rows of 10
        ' i.e. if you touch the top left the value will be "0"
        ' if you touch the bottom right the value will be "59"
        Touch=hs.DeviceValueByName("Leopard Leopard Screen")

        'Use the following to debug the screen it will speak the screen touch position.
        hs.speak "Screen Position"&cstr(Touch)&"Was Touched"

        ' Then write to the leopard screen the following.
        hs.plugin("ADIOcelot").WriteScreen 5,16,"The position you touched was "&cstr(Touch),true,0,false,false

        end sub

        I have another script that sets the Ocelot variable #63 to screen#1 then paints the screen with information. then when i touch a word or graphic it performs an action I which it to perform. Everything is controled by Homeseer scripts. Still working on this. Will post updates as I get it done.

        Oh! I also changed the poll rate in the plugin to 150. This seems to work best on my server. and gives me almost instant response.


          If anyone has input or a better way or better yet scripts to share I would love to see them