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Host PC selection for Ocelot

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    Host PC selection for Ocelot

    Greetings: I plan on installing an ocelot and leave it connected full time to a PC. I have several pcs to choose from. My question is: Is there any advantage/disadvantage to connecting the ocelot to the same machine that HS runs on?

    The plan for the ocelot is normal home theater IR stuff, plus monitoring/controlling level controllers/valves for an automated aquarium. I don't currently have any plans to have the ocelot participate by sending/receiving X10, but don't want to rule that out. Any of the pcs can/do share network mounted drives, so communication via file is not a problem. I appreciate any comments.

    Thanks in advance

    Firstly the IR control with the ADIOCELOT plugin is way way way better than the junk that comes from ADI "CMAX 2.0" You can also do soooooo much more with Homeseer than CMAX. I would not have an OCELOT if it were not for Homeseer.


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