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Any Ideas for an Under-Utilized SEcu16I

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    Any Ideas for an Under-Utilized SEcu16I

    I heavily use my Secu16-IR but my Secu16-I is currently only monitoring my garage door position and I use a resistance circuit such that I can know open/ajar/closed using only one input. So, I have 15 inputs unused.

    I even went to the trouble of building a circuit of 1K resistors that makes 8 of the 16 inputs supervised but never connected anything to them. Sure would have been nice if Applied Digital offered such a circuit that could connect into one side of the Secu16I and provide what I did myself.

    Anyway, anyone have any ideas on what I could add. I rigged it so HS knows when the front and back doorbells have been rung using PowerFlash units but never came up with a low cost method of migrating those to the Secu16I - I tried some relays from RatShack but it was not as reliable as the PowerFlash.

    As i write this, I am thinking that I may add a door sensor to my "Control Room". Wiring should be a breeze. Now, what about my 14 other inputs ...

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    I've migrated all my standard digital input to W800 Window/Door Sensors. The only discrete/analog input that I have as "must work" and managed by the ocelot are the water detection sensors.


      I have the first input setup as an analog input to detect front,back or side doorbells the doorbells do not ring a standard doorbell device but rather plays a wave file of my choice for the doorbell sound and then TTS ie someone is at the back door" or "someone is at the front door" The Sound card output from the HS Server goes to an ECHO amp and then to ECHO Speakers around the house for this.. Works very well.

      The second input is for the Garage doors I have two.
      The third input monitors the Front door, Back Door, and Side door. (Also use this to stop doorbell sound if door is opened. Security as well)
      The forth is for the Drier power on/Off monitor the
      fith is the Washer Power On/Of monitor,
      The sixth is for the Walk in Closits. ( Use this to turn on the light and also to turn it off and time it if thedoor is left open i turn off the light after a time)
      the seventh is for the attic access doors (I have three) they turn on the attic light when opened. Eight is the presher sensor under the master bed that way I know The house is ocupied at night even although the motion sensors dont detect movement

      I need more inputes for the following:
      1. Attic fans On or off power detector.
      2. Driveway sensor
      3. Car is parked in the garage detector. Two cars are monitored seperatly.
      4. Light level sensor. (How light is it from dark to bright)
      5. Mailbox sensor
      6. Rain sensor
      7. Wind speed sensor ( Dont want sprinkler whin high wind)
      8. Sound level Sensor ( DB from no sound to Normal to high) also to be used for Ocupancy / Security etc...
      9. Front gate and back gate open / closed

      Still have other needs but this lists the top priority.


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        with a wall wart wired to one of the Secu16I inputs, you've got a power failure indicator . . .

        it's fairly cheap and easy to use LM34 ICs to make non-presision (+/-2 deg F)temp sensors, ok for places like attics, crawl spaces, equipment closets/racks . . . for ventilation control

        wire up a photo cell and you can know when lights are on or how sunny it is outside . . .

        (just letting my imagination run here . . . )
        maybe even as simple as two wires taped to the floor in your utility room as a 'water detector'.

        Pete C