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Need help setting up IR recognition from Ocelot to Homeseer

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    Need help setting up IR recognition from Ocelot to Homeseer

    Hello all,
    Would someone kindly outline the steps needed to get an IR recognition on the Ocelot to Homeseer as an event. I am running Homeseer 1.6.186 and I have the ADIOcelot plug-in. I have trained the Ocelot with a Pioneer DVD remote and I have some CMAX code to dim lights in a room when I hit the Play button on the remote. I have tested this part so I know that the Ocelot is recognizing the IR input. Now I want to take it to the next level. I have mapped the Ocelot IR to Homeseer IR codes and created an event to speak a message when I hit the play button. I have not changed anything in the Ocelot Parameters: i.e. Auto-IR is 0. The ADIOcelot plug-in has a checkbox "Do not forward IR recognition to Homeseer", this is left unchecked so I would presume that the Ocelot would be set up to send the IR# that was recognized, and then the plug-in would map the Ocelot IR# to the Homeseer IR# and trigger the event.

    What I see is that the Ocelot CMAX portion is executed and the lights dim, but no indication in Homeseer that this was recognized.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sal Athalye

    What I learned is that you cannot do both IR recongition in CMAX and HS. If auto IR notification is enabled then my CMAX code that does IR recognition will no longer recognize any IR. Since my CMAX IR recognition is critical I never tried a configuration where no CMAX IR was performed, but I suspect it should work and it will show up as an Event trigger. The disabling of auto-IR was the primary reason I got involved with the ADIOcelot plugin.

    All my IR recognition and action in response to the recognized IR is done via CMAX. I use variables for moding and equipment state synchronization with homeseer