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    v1.2 3-4-2004
    -displays much faster and able to handle larger log files

    v1.1 2-20-04
    -recognizes a few more log lines than before

    Displays and filters the ocelot.log file to a web page. User can select several categories to display- variable and IO polls, device, variable and IO changes, x10 activity.

    The results of the variable and IO polls are "translated" so that they're understandable.

    Install-place the file in Homeseer's html directory. If you run your homeseer from somewhere other than "c:\program files\homeseer" then you'll have to edit the path to the ocelot.log file.

    -the ocelot.log file doesn't have to be very large before the webpage will error on script timeout, especially if you're displaying variable and IO poll results (they take longer to process).

    -by default the file will list only IO poll results for the first 5 units on the adnet bus. If you have more than that the file can be changed to list up to 127 units (but that increases the processing time).

    IO Poll results differ for each units:
    SECU 16 Real Time Input Bits 0-7 / Latched Relay Bits 0-7
    SECU 16I Real Time Input Bits 0-7 / Real Time Input Bits 8-15
    RLY08-XA 0 / Latched Relay Bits 0-7
    Bobcat Temperature Temperature (degrees + 100) / 0

    For the bit data, the binary pattern indicated which inputs/relays are on or off. 1=on, 0=off. The relays are listed from highest to lowest within each grouping, i.e. 10000100 indicates inputs 7 and 2 are on.

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