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x10 Auto Garage Door Shut Problem HELP !

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    x10 Auto Garage Door Shut Problem HELP !

    I am using maganetic contacts connected to a x10 powerflash module to get the status of my garage door; on=open, off=closed. I use homeseer to monitor the status. I have created a rule that if the status is on (door open) and the garage light is off (activated by an x10 motion sensor) and the time is past 11:00pm then send a command to my x10 garage door universal interface to close the garage door.

    My problem is that by the time the garage door closes and the powerflash module registers closed (off) the whole thing loops causing my door to open and close...forever. I have tried using a delay and also a rule that says if the door has been open more then a certain amout of time but still no luck. Any suggestions ?

    There are probably several answers to this, but one way would be to use a script that is run periodically, like once per minute. That should give the door plenty of time to close.


      You could create a virtual device that you would set when you run this event- and then put this device into your equation. Then you have another event which clears this virtual device after so long. I do something similar.

      if time > 11 and door = open and virtualDevice = true then
      virtualdevice = true
      end if

      then create and event
      if virtualDevice has been true for 2 minutes then
      virtualDevice = false
      end if
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