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IR now slow.

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    IR now slow.

    It seems that when I upgraded to 1.6.10 that my IR output speed slowed down. Example: USED to be issuing a voice command "Turn on Tv" resulting in a quick IR command being issued and tv turned on (3 seconds?).

    Now I find that after a time I think the VR command was missed and I reissue the command resulting in the TV being turned on and then off (not discrete obviously). Seems to be about a 10 second delay between the (valid) voice command and the IR being sent.

    HS 1.6.200

    Not scientific (sorry) but really there.

    I suspect the 1.5 to 1.6 that may of made the biggest difference is the periodic XML backup of the devices and events, but this is only a guess. You can run an event that has the following in the script entry.


    A trace log will be produced in the Homeseer folder showing what is happening internally with HS.

    Another event with debugMode=0 will turn it off.


      Attached is the HS trace log from when I turned on debug through turning on the TV and turning it off.

      Naturally not a big delay this time, but the second command seemed slower.

      Don't know what much of it means or why this event has to execute every second:

      3/9/2004 2:54:01 PM:53641.89: Enter CheckConditions->event: Dial Up Internet Protect Daytime
      3/9/2004 2:54:01 PM:53641.89: Exit CheckConditions->event: Dial Up Internet Protect Daytime

      That is an event that is supposed to dial up every two hours during week DAYS.

      Please advise (And as always thanks for your great work!)

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        I created an event that uses the following one liner script for setting HS DebugMode:

        <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
        &hs.DebugMode = CLng(InputBox("Enter HomeSeer debug mode level:", "0"))

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          It looks like you are using VR to turn the TV on and off. The VR engine is large and if it gets paged out of RAM then it will take awhile to reload. Use of a palmpad or just the GUI to trigger the event will isolate the VR part from the response part.

          The timing between trigger recognized to the send_ir has no delay. I do not know why in each case there are two trigger and two send_ir entries in the log.

          You have missed some real-time events, but this is not unusual.

          You do not have any xml writes during this period. This capture probably provides you with a baseline which can be considered normal response. Now you need to see what it looks like when there are excessive delays.


            "I do not know why in each case there are two trigger and two send_ir entries in the log."

            Either do I. Any ideas? A plugin setting?

            Correction: Apparently it was from two identically named events, which do the same thing, but use different triggers. One was only called with VR and the other is event called. Apparently they both fired though?

            Yes using VR and speed does vary with heavy computer use. But I see some large delays when the computer is only running HS. (2.0GHZ 512MB RAM)

            If I catch a really slow one I'll post it.



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