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Learning/Transmitting problem with plugins

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    Learning/Transmitting problem with plugins

    When using the ADIOcelot or the Applied Digital Ocelot plugin, I am having problems learning and transmitting ir signals with my Ocelot (and Secu16ir).

    I can learn and transmit using CMAX with no problems. With the CMAX, after pressing the learning button, a dialog pops up until it learns the ir signal. When I do the learning from either the ADIOcelot or Applied Digital
    Ocelot, I get a message prompt telling me about the record, but no indication that it actually learned it. And when I press the transmit
    button nothing happens.

    I am recording the ir into the plugin Device number 14 Zone 1 and it states that it will be learned in Ocelot location 468 (same position I tell CMAX).

    I have the IR emitter hooked directly to the Ocelot (not the Secu16ir).

    Any suggestions how to get this to work or any logging that I can do to help to figure out if the plugin is learning and/or transmitting correctly?

    Scott D.

    On my setup Zone 1 is the first zone of the secu16ir.

    Not the ocelot.

    I believe zone 17 is the ocelot, but I have never tried.

    Oh yeah, I am using the HS ocelot plugin. ( not ADIOocelot)

    Why oh why didn't I just leave things alone, they had been working.


      Learning in CMax is still a good idea. I don't think the following issues are handled by the plug-ins.

      AFAIK, only in CMax can you manually set the IR carrier frequency. Ocelots do not determine the carrier frequency. It is set by default as 38KHz. That covers a lot of equipment, but to name a few, Mitsubishi uses 33 KHz; Sony, Zenith, and Pioneer use 40 Kz; most Dish and Scientific Atlanta use 57 KHz.

      I doubt if the 40 KHz gear is any big deal, but changing the frequency in the other cases has fixed many problems.

      Finally, the only way you can save the learned IR commands in the Ocelot's flash memory is to use CMax and save it to the PC's hard disk.