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coms problem

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    coms problem

    i have the following setup
    and cocelot, 1x secu16ir module and 2x relay08 modules. I have 1x 13.8 volt 3 amp power supply next to the ocelot the 3 modules are spead out around the house. they are connected via cat5e cable ( green pair for com a and b ) and orange for 12 volt power.

    I have noticed that when doing a lot of switching of the relays suddenly the modules seem to loose coms and i have to kill power and restart them.

    any ideas? shoudl the cat 5 cable be able to handle the 3 modules power requirememnts?

    note on one of the relay08 modules i am useing the on board relay to switch a larger 24volt ac relay ( 24 volt is supplied locally NOT though the cat 5 )
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting

    I have seen discussions on this and I believe the AppliedDigital board about transient protection for the relays. I do not know the specifics but it should be on this board perhaps 18 months ago.