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Cmax LIR file Structure

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    Cmax LIR file Structure

    Hi Folks

    Would anyone happen to know the file structure
    of Cmax Lir Files. ???
    It Appears to be 1025 blocks of 256 Bytes,
    But I Can't make sense of what seems to be an extra 56 bytes in each Rec. And Also the Extra block of 256 Bytes.

    If you download IRMax there is a description in the documentation.


      Cool !!
      Just What I was looking For .
      Thanks For That.


        BTW, there is a program, GenIRDB, written by Barry Gordon that can generate lir files from a protocol description of the IR commands and a device file that lists the commands.

        IRMax can convert Pronto hex to lir files.

        Both programs have some quirks, but they represent an alternative to learning all the commands.


          I Had a look at GenIRDB.
          Way out of my comfort zone.
          If it's not VB I Panic...
          I've Noticed that If AutoIR Param (17) is set to 3, The Ocelot will dump any IR it receives to the serial port in the 200Byte Format.

          I'm Trying to create an IR format that can be understood as X10 RF.
          The IR Extender I have , Transmits When I use one of my X10 Remotes.
          I have saved a few of these with the ocelot, and managed to trigger a few events.
          But It isn't Very Reliable.
          I Was hoping to modify the IR code in the Ocelot/Lir to make it more usable.

          Nope I Haven't tried GENIRDB recently.
          Got confused with another cpp command line program