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Questions for you pros out there...

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    Questions for you pros out there...

    I finally broke down and got an Ocelot. (Thanks Martin!)

    I've spent all night reading posts all the way back to 2001 (!) and I have some questions, if you will indulge me.

    First off, I'm a little confused about the whole ccf to lir bit. Is there not a straight conversion? It seems like you have to parse a ccf file with about 3 programs to get to the end result of a lir file. If there is no simple way, is there at least a walkthrough for the process anywhere?

    Secondly, it seems like many of you have the Ocelot directly hooked to the HS box. Is this the preferred method?

    I have a little server closet that I've built and the entertainment center isn't located nearby, so... it seems like I either have the Ocelot near the AV gear listening for X10 signals to trip the IR, or I have the Ocelot attached to the PC and have to pipe the IR to the other side of the house. (is THAT what the SECU-16IR is for?)

    And finally, when I get my head wrapped around this - is there any way to keep track of what IR code does what? Or do I need to build a spreadsheet as I learn all my codes?

    I'm sorry if any of these are silly questions, but I'm a tad overwhelmed staring at my new toy... just looking for some good guidance!

    Nobody has any thoughts on any of my questions?

    I've got a shiny Ocelot sitting here in the box until I figure out where to put it. It seems like the vast majority sit the Ocelot near the PC, and then run emitters out. Is that correct?

    Is there any benefit to doing it this way verses pre-programming it and sitting it out by the AV gear? Aside from the easy ability to change the Ocelot code?

    Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.




      I too have the Ocelot at the PC in the basement. One of the things I do is to feed the IR over a Cat5 cable to the equipment cabinet. Since there are 4 pair, I also use it to feed audio from the PC sound card to the whole house audio amp also in the equipment cabinet. Works for me. Haven't had a problem since I installed over 4 years ago.



        Yes, most people with the Ocelot and HomeSeer connect the two. The Ocelot's software limits you to what is connected to the Ocelot, HomeSeer obviously gives you that plus everything else that HomeSeer is connected to or can reach.

        Infrared signals are stored in memory locations in the Ocelot - you would need your spreadsheet if that is all you are going to use. HomeSeer brings labels to these locations - you can group signals into devices and then label the individual buttons in a device so that it is easy to keep track of things.

        The whole CCF <--> LIR thing is not something inherent to either the Ocelot or HomeSeer. CCF is a defacto standard formed around the great popularity of some handheld remote controls - most noteably the Philips Pronto. LIR is the Ocelot proprietary format for storing IR signals into a file so that if you ever have to re-load your Ocelot's IR signals, you will have them. If they exist only in memory and you lose them, you will have to re-learn them all, and so it is much better to occasionally back up your IR signals from the Ocelot into an LIR file.

        The CCF to LIR conversion process is completely 3rd party and it builds upon the vast collection of CCF files, which contain infrared signals, available from resources such as RemoteCentral. You do not have to use any CCFs to use the Ocelot.

        I hope this helps you get started. If not, let us know and we'll try to answer your questions. Questions specific to the Ocelot can probably get answered here, but there is also a good forum over at the Applied Digital website for discussions on their products.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")



          IRMax can convert Pronto hex to "lir" format and it can manage lir files. The Pronto hex conversion like most Pronto hex conversion programs has some flaws.

          Why don't you list your equipment; Sony TV is OK for now and I can give you a better answer as to what problems you may encounter.



            How long of a run do you have? Do you notice any problems with signal strength over your run?


            Ok, that's very helpful. Am I correct in assuming then that one would really only need a CCF file if they lost the remote for that particular component? Or, perhaps, the standard remote doesn't access every function the component can actually handle?


            My equipment: Sylvania SRT2227S Television, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 cable box, Panasonic PV-7451 VCR, Sony STR-DE595 Receiver, RCA RC5220P DVD Player.

            Am I better off teaching all the codes manually to the Ocelot?

            Thanks very much for the help



              I have about a 100' Cat5 run for the IR and the audio card line out. I did have to use a special adapter to eliminate the hum due to using different outlets for the PC and house audio amp. Haven't checked but I would guess that each is on a different side of the main power legs. Fairly simple fix. A trip to Radio Shack for the adapter.


                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sacarino:
                My equipment: Sylvania SRT2227S Television, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 cable box, Panasonic PV-7451 VCR, Sony STR-DE595 Receiver, RCA RC5220P DVD Player. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                The TV, VCR, DVD, and Receiver may have discrete power commands in increasing order of likelihood. Do you have an OFA or Radio Shack universal remote by any chance. If you do and can tell me what setup code works I can give a better answer. If not you can just learn the commands and send me or post teh lir file and I can decode it.

                The SA cable box and probably the RCA DVD use a 58 KHz IR carrier frequency, and you will need to lean those in CMax and set thefrequency manually.

                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Am I better off teaching all the codes manually to the Ocelot? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                Probably, if they have discrete commands, I can give you the Pronto hex and you can add them.

                Learn everything other than the DVD. For the DVD learn the Power toggle command and I'll decode it before you set the wrong frequency for a bunch of commands.



                  Ocelot uses a different method to communicate to it's devices. I think it's RS448 or something. You can use CATx but all you really need is good quality 4 wire telephone wire. I have over 200 feet of it strung around the house and everything works great.

                  My Ocelot is in the computer room next th HomeSeer and the power supply is in the basement along with my SECU16, which reads relays and voltages, as well as controlling relays and other stuff. I use my air ducts to route the wires from the basement to the second floor.
                  The worst thing about Ocelot is that if you setup devices on the interface, and you mistakenly reinitialize them in the CMAX.EXE application, you need to relearn everything. This is a big PITA, if you know what I mean, and a significant weakness (IMHO).

                  Distance is NOT a problem, however, until you want to add devices.



                    You guys did a wonderful job of answering my questions. Thanks very much for clearing my head out a little.


                    I am going to burn some vacation time the rest of the week and getting my Ocelot running is on my list. I will get my lir file to you shortly, if the offer is still good.


                    When soldering your 3.5mm plug to your wiring, which is the tip? The signal or ground? I would assume signal, but I don't want to screw it up. My manual doesn't give that little detail.

                    Many, many thanks folks.



                      Tip is signal. Barrel is ground.


                        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>_Jon_:

                        I am going to burn some vacation time the rest of the week and getting my Ocelot running is on my list. I will get my lir file to you shortly, if the offer is still good. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                        You can also just attach it to a post here, either way I will decode it. Let me know what IR position the the various commands are in. I don't need them individually though. Just something like "TV positions 32 to 63"