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Differences between the "original" Plugin and "new" ADI Plugin.

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    Differences between the "original" Plugin and "new" ADI Plugin.

    I installed my Ocelot 2 years ago using the "original" HS Ocelot plugin. I simply selected the Applied Digital Ocelot as my Infrared Interface. There is no setup at all involved. Could I simply download the new ADI plugin and switch without loosing any functionality? I have a few things set up using the path View > IRconfig. Would this change? I want to upgrade, why I have no idea, but it would be nice to be on the latest version. Can someone reassure me that it is as simple as changing one ocx for another. TIA
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    The intention was to be transparent. If you install it and make no changes to anything then it should have the same functionality. If you start making changes to the configuration then you will not be able to go back to the original by simpling replacing ocx. settings.ini is where the configuration information is stored.

    If you have scripts that use the cpuxa object then then will need to define the object since I asked HST to not define it globally if ADIOcelot is installed.

    DeviceValue methods on the IO were not used with the original, but they track the deviceStatus with ADIOcelot. DeviceValue methods can be used rather than cpuxa methods. I converted all my scripts to use devicevalue and removed the cpuxa object from the scritps.

    The IR config files are not changed, unless you use the function to synchronize the CMAX system map with CMAX as the master.

    If you give it a spin and elect to keep it then I would remove the unused devices created for variables and IO points. This is done from the setup page. When removed they will no longer consume CPU cycles with HS updates. There are "scratchpad" values from the ocelot that are always changing and HS needs to evaluate each change through its tree of event logic.

    If you save your xml, settings.ini, and two IR config and zone files then you should have everyting that could be modified by the plugin. No warranty given, however.


      Like you, I was hesitant to try the new plug-in because I had too much riding on it. One weekend (when I had lots of time), I went ahead, made a backup of everything, and switched to Michael's plug-in. Like Michael said, I had to go in and fix several scripts that I had forgotten used the cpuxa object, but aside from that, it really was a direct switch with no pain. I'd recommend it highly!


      P.S. So after the switchover, I still had lots of time on that weekend, so I found something else to break (err.. improve) in my Homeseer setup.


        Being able to run CMAX and IRMAX from HomeSeer without shutting down HomeSeer is a big plus. Not having all the plugin devices is another.
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