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I have upset the IR gods

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    I have upset the IR gods

    I have a Mitsubishi 55" HDTV. I also have an Ocelot. The Ocelot learns TV codes and if I hold the emitter directly infront of the screen, I can usually get the command to work but not always and the emitter is pretty ugly where it needs to be.

    I think I need one of two options:

    1) Figure out exacatly where the IR receiver is, there is a panel at the bottom front of the TV, but looks like lots of hi voltage scarry stuff.

    2) "Pump up the volume" Use blaster type of IR, but I think that means purchasing something like this

    Can I plug the ocelot output directly into the Xantech input or do I need to go to a IR receiver, then to the amp?

    Is there another way to pump up the IR signal from the Ocelot?


    You'll need an IR LINC to connect a Ocelot(5V) to a Xantech 'block(12V):

    I believe that the IR sensor on your TV is located at the bottom and uses the main mirror to reflect in to it. I've heard of some brave persons who have opened up their TV to mount a IR emitter. Try a Goggle search on IR FLASHERS, you may be able to use a hi output flasher mounted accross the room.


      ... or you can use the powermids. I have a powermid next to my Ocelot and the other part setting on a coffee table in the TV room. It's actually behind my stereo and it will control it as well as the TV just fine. These things must be strong.
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        I've got Guy Lavoie's IR Blaster circuit (See here - Look at entry #7) set up in my HS wiring closet, 50 ft of Cat-5 carrying the amplified signal, and an IR emitter mounted on the wall across the room (about 25 ft) from my A/V system. It's been working great with my Ocelot for years now.



          You guys rock. Thanks for the info.

          I eventually found Guy's circuit. Looks simple enough, if I can only remember transistor pinouts, gate, drain, hmmmmm been a long time since I played with descrete electronics! I might try this.

          Powermid, YES, this will certainly work, but I want to reserve this as my last resort (personal challenge)

          Arrg.... Getting into the guts of the beast and trying to find the IR collector. I want to try this first. Hopefully I won't put my hand thru a tube after getting a very high voltage shock. I remember when TV's had tubes other than the video tubes. I can remember taking the tubes out of the TV set and going down to the "thrifty" drug store and using the tube testor! God I'm getting old.

          Anyway, great suggestions..


            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by x10dork:
            Getting into the guts of the beast and trying to find the IR collector. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

            BTW: while you 'got the hood up' you might consider CAREFULLY cleaning your mirror (mild detergent/warm water), You'll be surprised how much 'gunk' builds up in there.


              Here is a thread over at RC about Mitsubisi RPTV's and IR sensors:


              IIRC, you can probably find the service manual for the Mitsubishi TV's on the Web and it may save you some trouble on disassembly.



                I have also been using Guy's blaster for a year or so. I use ordinary telephone cable (twisted pair). It works like a champ.


                  Got it to work. I reviewed the link that Jon (thanks) posted. At first was a little apprehensive to open the back, but after reading that I should find the detector easily, I pulled out the unit and sure enough an entire daughter board sitting right there. I used one of the emitters that came with my Tivo and IR now works perfect with the Mitsubishi!

                  Some day I'll get around to making the "Guy's" blaster, I'm sure I'll need it for something. Seems like someone could make a few bucks by selling some pre-made units.

                  Anyway, I'm good to go. Cannot believe all of the great suggestions. Way cool forum and I'm having fun figuring out how to use the "seer".