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How do I program HS/Ocelot without 'learning' IR

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    How do I program HS/Ocelot without 'learning' IR

    [I posted this at so I apologize for anyone that has to read this twice]

    Okay - call me crazy but this Ocelot/HS integration isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Looking for some help.

    So far this is what I have:

    I'm using Michael's ADIOcelot plugin and can learn basic functions using the 'L' and can then test them using 'T' So far so good. Ocelot working, IR distribution working (Powermids) and HS working.

    My problem is that's not working for all devices (specifically my Sony TV). It seems that while the Ocelot "thinks" it learned an IR command, the TV doesn't recongnize it.

    So my next though was why don't I get the code some somewhere and download it into the Ocelot. This is where I'm stuck. I've read the HS forum, the IRMax docs, the plug in docs, and various other bits but cannot pull it all together.

    Does anyone know of a tutorial?

    Lost in IR Cyberspace....


    I'm in the same boat (except all of my devices that I learned are working) I wish there was a step by step on how to "handle" these ir code files.
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      This might explain it:

      Scroll down and read about PARITY BITS.


        Fortunately, Sony IR protocols don't use parity bits. Any time you have learning problems, make sure you have new batteries in the OEM remote. Learn in CMax. Change the frequency to 40 KHz for Sony. I seriously doubt that that is the problem, but Sony uses that IR carrier frequency.

        Sony commands are easily learned by the Ocelot. If that is not working, then soemthing is wrong.