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RCA VH920 Video Switch IR Problems

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    RCA VH920 Video Switch IR Problems

    The 920 is pretty cool, low cost Svideo 6 port switch that learns IR. So far so good. The problem is that apparently, the codes need to be repeated to either learn or use. Most any remote will automatically repeat the codes so if you hold down the button, the switch will operate. I want to controll it with Ocelot, but just sending the same code several times in sucession doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how to make it go?


    Assuming you have one of the many x10 universal remotes, try this:

    1.Pick an Emerson VCR setup code (unless you have one).

    2. Learn the commands to the 920.

    3. Learn the same commands to the Ocelot.

    4. Test.

    FYI, I don't think there are any default commands that the 920 responds to without learning. Some earlier RCA switchers would respond to RCA commands out of the box but could learn commands to override.

    The problem with those was, after anything but a momentary power failure, they would lose the learned commands. Ultimately we figured out the default commands to solve the problem.

    In a different forum someone reported testing the default commands on the 920 but said they didn't work.