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    Hello all,

    Current scenario:
    I am in the process of setting up a whole house audio system with 6 zones. Each zone is handled by it's own stereo receiver. Four of the rooms have stereo speakers in the ceiling and two of the rooms have 6.1 systems.

    The stereo receivers will be controlled by IR.
    PZM microphones will be installed in each of the rooms to handle VR (voice recognition).

    The VR is controlled by an 8 input mixer(Shure SCM-810).

    The control I/O from this mixer is connected to 2 SECU modules to control gating, override and muting. The SECU's are in turn connected to an Ocelot controller.

    Speakers are/may be controlled by a RLY8-XA relay controller.

    My challenge comes from mixing VR and the stereo receivers. To make this work, I need to be able to have audio feeds avaliable to any and all rooms and to be able to mute or lower the volume of the stereo receiver when VR is activated.

    I planned on using the RLY8-XA to handle the speaker selection but do not know how to configure the connections so audio and VR can co-exist.

    While bedrooms have one stereo ceiling speaker each, other rooms have theater type systems in place.

    I could use one additional mono speaker for the theater locations.

    I could tie the left and right channels on the ceiling speakers together. This would allow me to use the RLY8-XA as the speaker controller but kinda defeats the purpose of the stereo speakers.

    So.... How do I get audio from the stereos to the speakers and VR to the speakers at the same time?

    Do I need more RLY8-XA controllers?
    Do I not use the RLY8-XA and go another way?

    Any help is appreciated.


    Does this work??

    Since the RLY8-XA has a NC and NO conenction for each relay, could I hook up the stereo to the NC side and then use the NO side for VR?

    For stereo I think I still need another RLY8-XA controller. What do you think??


      Well, seems like I'm talking to myself. I decided to try my own suggestion and wired up two receivers to a relay and it works??? I can control the relay using CMax.

      I have the ADIOcelot plugin but am having a bit of a problem getting started with the code.

      Does anyone have a code snippet that would show me how to control the relay via a script?

      Ocelot and RLY8-XA is all that's hooked up.



        Is anybody using an Ocelot and RLY8-XA? I could really use some help.

        I can turn a relay on and off using CMax but cannot control the relay via HS. The ADIOcelot plugin finds and creates the devices but when I issue a command (right click) nothing happens.

        Somebody bail this guy out please


          Dont have a rly8 but I do have a secu16 with eight relays and they work for me. Open my garage with them.

          I hope your project goes well cause it looks like you are doing something very similar to what I want to do. I was planning on a totally separate speaker system for the VR interaction- but on second thought MP3s over this system would make alot of sense.

          HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

          Plug-Ins Enabled:
          weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger:


            You should be able to use the DeviceValue methods to control and monitor the relay. Below is an example. Use your specific house code and relay numbers.

            <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
            const Rly08_HC = "\"

            sub SetRelay(RelayNumber, State)
            if State = "ON" Then
            Level = 1
            Level = 0
            end if

            hs.SetDeviceValue Rly08_HC & RelayNumber, Level
            end sub

            Function GetRelay(RelayNumber)
            Level = hs.DeviceValue(Rly08_HC & RelayNumber)
            if Level = 0 Then
            GetRelay = "OFF"
            GetRelay = "ON"
            end if
            End Function

            SetRelay "1","OFF"
            SetRelay "2","ON"
            msgBox "Relay is " & GetRelay("2")


              Thanks you Michael... I will try this tonight.