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SECU-16IR question

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    SECU-16IR question

    One of the features of this module is the ability to send IR out to specific zones. The question is, How can I, using a remote, control devices that are the same.

    Here's the scenario:
    * I am using a remote in bedroom A.
    * I have two Technics SA-140 receivers in the
    A/V closet 2 floors down.
    * The IR gets from Bedroom A to the A/V closet
    via a Xantech IR receiver to a Xantech
    control block in the A/V closet.
    * The IR output from the connecting block is
    used as IR input on an Ocelot.
    * The Ocelot is controlling an SECU-16IR.

    How do I send an IR signal under the preceding scenario and have it directed to the desired receiver? It would seem I would need to be able to identify which room/IR receiver was being addressed.


    A remote of the same type run from room A and room B will look the same by the time it reaches the ocelot. My solution to this problem is to program room A's remote to send IR for an NEC receiver (or any other) and then in the ocelot to tranlate it to Technics code directed to the correct SECU16IR.

    In my case it is a Denon receiver for which my Satellite RF/IR remote cannot be programmed. I programed the remote to be NEC and the ocelot translates it to Denon.

    When IR translation is done in the ocelot, then you cannot also have IR recognition done in HS. The ocelot seems to support only one mode. It will either do matching or send the match information over the serial to homeseer, but not both.

    The second implication is with volume or any other continuous control. One can normally hold the volume button on a remote down and the volume is continually increase/decrease. When IR matching is done then this mode is no longer available. A continuous IR stream will never be recognized. Volume is changed by pulsing the remote's button. One must stop and start the stream to give the ocelot a window in which to compare. The pulse rate needed is about once a second.


      Thanks for the reply Michael,

      It then seems the easiest solution is to avoid repeating any device i.e., same stereo receiver.


        It does seem that way