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    IR Max

    If you need to edit the Ocelot IR file or convert Pronto IR Hex codes here is your answer. This utility allows you to edit the downloaded IR file from your Ocelot. It also allows you to paste in Pronto codes and convert them to the ADI IR format for use in the Ocelot.

    This utility helped me with a learning problem on the Ocelot. Unit would not learn certain IR but works fine with the converted IR codes pasted in.

    Here is the link to the ADI Support board for the program and docs.;f=5;t=000001

    Here is the program link

    Docs link

    Bob Silver

    IR MAX is a part of the ADIOcelet plugin.


      ADIOcelot has two related features.

      One is the ability to change the physical to logical mapping of IR codes. For example, say you have learned the TV code for ON and Volume+ at locations 100 and 200. This implies that two devies (e.g. TV1 & TV2) would need to be used to address the ON and Volume+ of the same TV. With ADIOcelot you can tell it that physical location 200 should be treated as if it was location 101 (or any other). This way the TV ON and TV Volume+ can now be on the same TV IR Device.

      You could also accomplish the same objective by either relearning the Volume+ to be at 101 or you could edit the file where the IR patterns are stored. This editing is done with IR Max. The plugin provides a button that will allow you to run IR MAX directly from the plugin. You still need to downlaod and install IR Max before it can be used.