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RLY8-XA help

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    RLY8-XA help

    Here's what I am trying to do:

    Have one audio source connected to a stereo speaker in a remote room and be able to use the RLY8-XA to switch to another audio source for voice.

    Here's an example of one room's setup:

    The + side of each speaker is wired straight through to receiver A. This is for music or whatever.

    The - side is run through a relay on the RLY8-XA. I am using the NC side so basically just feeding through the RLY8-XA.

    This is repeated for the other side of the stereo hook-up.

    My intent was to use the NO side of the relay when I needed voice. I have wired the + side from receiver source B (VR) to the + side of the speaker and the - side to the NO side of the relay.

    The problem is the speakers are getting audio from both sources in the NC position when they are wired this way.

    Can anyone describe how to do this correctly?

    A diagram would be appreciated.


    I didn't do exactly what you are trying, I used a relay to switch between two sets of speakers using one receiver. I used two double pole double throw relays (DPDT) to have the positive and the negative switched. But I think in your case I would try putting the positive in the relay instead of the negative. Not sure if will help, just a suggestion. If you have DPDT relays I would use them and then switch both the positive and the negative.