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ADI Ocelot Plugin Updates

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    Download version 1.6.10 of the plugin. It's an attachment to the first message of this thread (page 1).


      Thanks Jim, I loaded up the 1.6.10 version and it is working well now.


        Rich forwarded the changes made to handle the upper IR locations in the ocelot plugin. These have been added to V1.6.12. The virtual devices from timing data are no longer created or updated.


          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Michael McSharry:
          The virtual devices from timing data are no longer created or updated.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

          I must of missed something, what's this all about?


            There was a problem having to do with IR locations in the upper 300's. HST fixed the problem in the standard ocelot plugin and Rich forwarded the changed code so I could keep ADIOcelot in sync.

            It is not anything I use and did no more than replace the prior code segment with the new one in the ADIOcelot plugin.


              I started playing with some variables and I ran into a problem with ADIOcelot plugin. I wanted to create variables 30,31,32.
              I go to SETUP, GENERAL/VARIABLES.

              Under the check windows it says
              No house code No house code.

              I check 30, 31, 32 and hit “Create and Delete Variables.”

              Now it changes to :
              House code = ` House code = a

              Now when I hit “update” the Variables 30, 31, 32 are created (Codes `31, `32, `33).

              BUT!! also variable 127 is automatically created (code a64) and all my light devices (code A) are wiped off.
              I tried it several times with different variables, but the result is always the same - variable 127 is automatically created and whole my house code "A" is whipped off.

              PLEASE help. I'm leaving on Sunday for a week and I need to set my watchdog to keep the WAF!!

              Oh and also my XML is automatically updated.


                The ocelot plugins require that two contiguous house codes exist for the variables. The backward single quote (`) is the last house code of an allocation block and the lower case "a" follows the (`).

                Solution is to install any plugin that uses a house code before the ADIOcelot (or ocelot) plugin is installed. (mcsMovement has the ability to reserve house codes). After the ocelot variables are created then the dummy plugin can be uninstalled if desired.


                  what about this problem with AB8SS plugin?


                  I couldn't find any answers. I love your plugin, but I just receive the AB8SS and I'd like to use it for my speakers. Was this issue ever resolved? Please let us know.


                    Yes it was resolved. You need to look at the change log in the ADIOcelot thread for the version where the problem was fixed to know if it is available via the updater or via the message board.


                      Thanks Michael.
                      I found 171 version at the beginning of this thread and I believe that in updater is 170.
                      I'll try it when I hook up my AB8SS.