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How to reinstall the ADIOcelot plugin

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    How to reinstall the ADIOcelot plugin

    When messing around with the Mainlobby pluging and restarting the PC the ADIOcelot plugin was missing in the "Active interfaces window".

    Reinstalling it using the updater fails.
    Even after deleting all the ADIOcelot file's I stil can't find the plugin in te "Select device to add" options.

    There should be a copy in the updates folder. Move it to homeseer root. Register it with regsvr32 or other utility. edit \Config\settings.ini to remove any traces of it. After starting homeseer try to add it as an active interface.

    What do you mean by the updater fails?


      I thin that the updater works fine. After using the updater in the Homeseer root there is only the hspi-adicelot.exe, not a *.OCX. I searched the system for an ocx but there was non for the hspi-adiocelot.

      When the updater is finished and Homeseer is restarted i get Popup window with "Homeseer is already running" !


        I suspect you have a DCOM setup problem. Homeseer should be defined as Interactive and interactive is not the default setting. There have been several discussions on this. Search this board for DCOM and see what shows up.

        The ADIOcelot runs in its own thread and is an .exe. No .ocx exists for this plugin.


          No, this is an issue that I have previously discussed with some application providers....

          Scripts installed by the updater require that HS be running so that they can process the scripts' installation routine. Plug-ins however cannot have HomeSeer running or they will not be able to replace the plug-in software (since a running HomeSeer prevents it from being changed).

          This is why if you select some scripts to install and then click on a plug-in, the scripts chosen are cleared and visa versa. You do one or the other.

          Unfortunately, some applications are plug-ins but ALSO have it specified in their install package that they have an install script to be run. Thus, when one of these packages installs, it gets to the point where the install script has to run and so HomeSeer is restarted. Now when the next package is going to be installed, HomeSeer which was previously shut down is instead running, and so the plug-in fails to install.

          What you appear to have is the opposite of the above scenario. HomeSeer was shut down because a plug-in was installed, then a plug-in with an install script was run and so HomeSeer was restarted (or perhaps another program started HomeSeer), and then another install script was run (or you finished installing and HomeSeer was told to restart) and since at the beginning of the install HomeSeer was marked as "not running", it went to start HomeSeer thus generating the "HomeSeer is already running" message.

          The only thing I can do is to get tough and force things to fail if they are installed under the wrong genre so to speak, or to check for HomeSeer running (and shut it down if necessary) before each and every package install. Neither solution is pretty!

          For now, just install one package at a time and you should be OK.

          Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


            I tried all you guys adviced but non of it did the job.
            At last I repleaced an image of my windows system, after starting up the PC and executing HomeSeer there it was: the ADIOcelot pluging up and running !

            Thanks for al your advice