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Ocelot X-10 freezes

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    Ocelot X-10 freezes

    Periodically, my Ocelot (CPUXA actually) will freeze up and be not accept or send any X-10 commands. The X-10 LED on the unit is not lit. If I reset the unit by power down followed by power up, the X-10 LED lights and everything works OK. This happens 2-3 times a week.

    Anyone else seen this? If it can't be cured, any way to use HS to detect the condition and automatically correct it?


    Do you have a CMAX program running in the Ocelot or are you only using HoemSeer to control it?

    If you have a CMAX program running, there are definitely ways to cause an Ocelot to "appear" to be locked up when in reality its really doing what your code tells it to do.


      I have seen this when I had an underpowered transformer running the system and I had too many RLY8XA relays closed. Putting that module on its own transformer fixed that.

      I also occasionally get my SECU16IR (Infrared) module (and only that module) go "out to lunch" after we get lightning storms. The IR receivers in the house pick up the lightning and it freaks out the SECU16IR, and the only way to fix it is to power down and back up the whole Adicon system.

      Other than one of those, I am not sure what is going on, but Applied Digital can probably help you nail it down - they have a message board that is quite active like this one, and sometimes Dan Boone or Kevin will notice posts here and respond to them.

      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


        Also if your problem is power related, as Rick suggests it might be, I'd recommend going to Radio Shack adn getting a 12v AC, 3A power transformer. I picked this up for about $9. Get a $0.69 extension cord and 4 wire nuts and you have everything you need to make a power supply that will can handle a bunch of ADI devices. I run 1 Ocelot (200mA), 2 SECU16s (200mA each), 2 Leopard IIs (1A each), and still have a bit of power to spare for a few relays for my irrigation system (after converting voltage to DC). (on average the Leopard screens are off so current pull is far below the max).

        Works very well.


          Thanks, everyone. I will try the power supply, but I don't have any of the relay modules. Also, I'm not running any CMAX progs, only HS is controlling the CPUXA. I will try the ADI boards.

          This also happens sometimes when we have power outages.