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ADI Ocelot and HS3

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  • ADI Ocelot and HS3

    I have installed ADI Ocelot on my HS3 Pro setup. It shows up in my Device Manager and in the Plug-ins list on the servers as correct and is assigned to Com 3 in both places. I know it works in HS2, but we thought we would update to HS3 Pro, since I have had it since the Beta. We were waiting on the Ocelot support. So now, any suggestions on how to get to actually turn on and off the same lights it was turning on and off in HS2 just last night?--Thanks--

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    If you are talking about X10 support, then there is none with the HST plugin. You would have to purchase a 3rd Party plugin:


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      I can personally attest that Bruce's Ocelot plugin works great with HS3. I wouldn't have been able to migrate to HS3 successfully without this plugin. Works Rock solid and Bruce is very supportive with questions and new devices.