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  • loowee
    All good ! I guess all it needed is a simple reboot to reload the Itune into the music API. Weird thing is that we restarted homeseer all day and it never showed up.

    So little discussion on this subject on here, I thought it was an unfinished project

    Keyword : perseverance !

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  • loowee
    started a topic HSTOUCH ITUNES MUSIC integration

    HSTOUCH ITUNES MUSIC integration

    Hey guys !

    I was plannign on migrating an installation that uses media player plugin along with hstouch music api to iTunes.

    The description of the iTunes plugin clearly stipulates that this one is compatible with the homeseer music api as well as hstouch music player but I cant find any traces anywhere of someone using it with the standard hstouch music browser.

    The music api in homeseer talks to iTunes just fine but I dont get any ITUNES choice in the hstouch music element selection. All there is is Media player under the MUSIC dropdown.

    I have updated both hstouch server and itune plugin but no luck. We are using an existing hstouch project that was setup for controling media player plugin but the project file itself cannot affect that option unless Im wrong.

    The iTunes AADP plugin is horrible and doesnt seem to be as customizable as the default music browser from hstouch.

    Anyone ?