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    Device value

    First, I must say the latest beta has eliminated the checksum errors in the log completely. It is very stable and seems more responsive to commands. Nice work..

    Now, what I am having an issue with is light values in HS.

    What I really want is a light device to read 0 to 100 -- nothing else.

    I understand the plugin just populates based on what HAI reports but my needs are that I am pushing these variables into Main Lobby and for my scenes to work right, I need them in that format.

    I am setting up ligthing buttons in main lobby and they work on a 0 - 100 scale. the 0, 1, 101, etc. readings are causing grief in my scenes. I sometimes see 1 for on, then values like 101 - 200. To me, it makes much more sense to:

    a) for a dimmable light, 0 - 100
    b) for a non-dimmable light, 0 or 100.

    I understand this isn't really the function of this plugin but is there some vb script or some method to map values to device values so that I can accomplish this task? Given I have about 100+ units, I don't want to setup a script fo each one - maybe there is a generic vb script that can filter the raw HAI data and convert it in HS to my needs? Then, the MLHS plugin can pass that filtered value to ML.