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Output Relay Problem

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  • Output Relay Problem

    Is anyone else have a problem with turning on/off the relays with the latest Homeseer/HAI Plugin? I have no problem with using the panel and the relay's are functioning properly. The status does not change when selecting either on or off using the HAI Plugin web page.

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    Nobody has this issue? I put a help desk ticket in over 3 days ago and no response. Can somebody please help!


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      Which method are you trying to use to change the outputs? Are you just trying to change the outputs with the web page, or programatically? My suggestion would be to create a button on the panel to change the output, then use HomeSeer to "push the button."

      I checked, and unfortunatly I don't see an easy way to "press a button" from the web interface, but you can do it easy from script. If I manually change an output on the web page, mine doesn't change either.
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        Thanks Anogee. Your suggestion solved the problem for now. It is a workaro should for what should be working in the first place! Had to pull out the ol manual and create a buttion to use an output which you could ALREADY use from the panel. I'm dissapointed when I along with other paying customers and supporters don't get a response to a help desk ticket. Its going on over 4 days now and not even a "we will look into it" This is not the first time I have had problems with this plug-in and had bad support for it. Sorry just venting. Thanks again.


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          4 days? Ha, I've had problems I've been waiting months to get fixed. HAI made a change to their firmware in January (or before) that prevents the plug-in from reporting the correct alarm state making the plug-in usless without a bunch of workaround code.

          For your problem, I think a button is the way to go. Controlling on output from HS is an iffy thing, because there could be a conflict between what the panel thinks and what HS wants. If you use a button, you are actually letting the panel control itself.


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            Makes sense. So many ideas and suggestions. Thats why I believe its the people that make HomeSeer work. Thanks again.