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Issues with HAI Beta and Production Version

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    Issues with HAI Beta and Production Version

    The actions for themostats do not work at all in the new beta. I get no information in the pull downs on an event action, so I can not select any thermostat items.

    Anyone else seeing this also?

    Pete, did you get the HAI 2.13B firmware upgrade? I do not see the same comm issues you are seeing with thermostats but do still get a ton of those HAI action debug errors in the log.

    Basically between the bugs in the production release and the bugs in the beta, this plug-in is of very limitted use.

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    To keep everyone on the same page, what version are you calling the beta release? There have been a few.

    Also, as a warning, the "Release" version is quite a bit different than the beta, so its a bit of apples and oranges. I know a few people still use this release and think its stable, but it has many less features you may or may not use.

    I know that triggering on a thermostat temp. is working O.K. on mine with the latest beta, but these events were added before this version was added. I will try adding more events when I get home. I'm running 2.12 I think, the latest version is 2.14, I think.


      Anogee, I was running production version: This version has issues with CRC errors and randomly changes system devices.

      I am currently running beta version: 2.1.2567.29695. On this version I am having issues with "themostat actions"; triggers seem to work OK.



        Got it to Work

        OK. I deleted the thermostat devices, and let the plug-in recreate them. I now get the proper information in the actions pull down and it seems to work.

        3/1 Update - hooked up two thermostats and now the beta plug-in crashes HS.
        3/2 Update - found a short in wiring, plug-in now working with 3 tstats
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