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Device codes for ALC Units

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  • Device codes for ALC Units

    Should my HAI ALC lights show up as HomeSeer device codes? Of course I can get to the listing of HAI Units (including the ALC lights) and control them at http://localhost/HAIUnits. I also see that the flag units (unit 257 and up on my OmniPro II) show up as HomeSeer device codes (\19 and up in my case). Plus, I can write scripts which control the ALC lights like this:
    hs.plugin("HAI_System").HAI_Unit_On(unit #)
    I am working with another user interface for controlling media (xLobby) that provides some special features (automatic detection of state and state changes) for HomeSeer devices, based on the device code. I have X10/ALC Units Used set to 32 in my HAI configuration page, and have the ALC Lighting checkbox checked in the Devices Configuration Options section. Still, I do not appear to have HomeSeer device codes corresponding to my ALC lights. Should I?

    Thanks for any help!

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    OK, a few uninstalls and reinstalls of the HAI plug-in later, I've got it working! I think it had to do with the Control "Format" setting for the ALC unit "house codes" in the HAI PC Access Setup -> Misc -> Control panel. At least after I changed that setting from the default Extended to Standard it created devices after a restart that now seem to work like other devices.