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Possible to decrypt the PanelCode?

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  • Possible to decrypt the PanelCode?

    I seem to have forgotten my Installer Code (waiting for laughing to subside...).

    Can I assume that the panel code I have entered in my HAI Plugin is the installer code?

    If so.... any way to decrypt the string in the INI file.... or am I going to have to test 9999 codes one at a time.


    EDIT - Figured it out! Still curious if it is possible....

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    Only Rick knows if his encryption in the plug-in is reversable, but HAI has indicated that there is NO WAY to break into a panel with a lost Installer Code, so don't loose it. I wrote mine on a sticker inside the panel. Even if a burglar gets it, the Installer Code can't deactivate the alarm anyway.

    or am I going to have to test 9999 codes one at a time
    Actually this could take a LONG time, because the panel deactivates for an hour everytime you get it wrong 5 times.


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      Good to know the installer code does not deactivate the burglar alarm.

      I'll take your advice and write it down on a sticker.