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Last Code Used not updating intermittently

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    Last Code Used not updating intermittently

    To make sure it was not an HAI issue, I shut down HS and went to PC Access to look at the event logs, and it showed the correct code used for my arming or disarming events.

    I'm curious if anyone else has seen this behaviour. Pretty easy to test: just use two different codes and arm and disarm the system with the different code. Check the HAI System device status screen in between each alarming event. I get the problem within 5 arming cycles on average....

    <OAny thoughts?

    When you say "HAI System Variables" are talking about the HomeSeer Devices available under the HAI System group? If so, I think mine is working, but I have another story for you under the HAI Weird Plug-in title.

    There is another device called "Battery Low Trouble." This normally says "OK" and I use a hs.DeviceStringByName("Battery Low Trouble") to read the "OK", so when it doesn't display, I put that error on my LED Sign.

    So yesturday, for some unknown reason, a less than 2-year old battery in my panel just went bad, and its voltage dropped to about 11.5V. The keypads on the panel detected it, and displayed "Low Battery Trouble." O.K. now I expected the LED sign to say that, but it didn't. So I looked at the status in HomeSeer, and it said "Trouble" for the Battery Low Trouble device, BUT when I read it in script, with the command hs.DeviceStringByName("Battery Low Trouble") is returned "OK" Very weird. The device displayed correct, but it didn't contain the correct text when it was read from script. Is it possible you have a related issue?


      Interesting... I have not had battery trouble yet so can't confirm.... but sounds somewhat similar; i.e. devices not updating correctly from the panel.

      For me, the hs.GetDevicebyName property call always displays the same as the Status page for the HAI System group.... but the Last Code Updated does not correctly reflect the true nature of the last code used.

      Assuming the status page (or the script function) queries the panel when clicked/called, I don't understand why this is happening.

      Are you using the latest beta (I am)?

      If you can, try alternating two codes (one for arm and one for disarm) and see after 3 or 4 cycles (checking in between each arm/disarm event) whether it updates. I'd like to get a confirmation.

      Maybe I'll try pulling my battery lead and seeing if it trips a problem and see how it reports. I'll give that a shot in the morning.

      Wife is sleeping now... so I don't want to trigger HAI console beeps...



        Ok... so I pulled my battery lead at after a bit, it showed up on the panel.

        I then checked the Devices in the HAI System group and Battery Low Trouble eventually showed Trouble. I then ran a script to check the devicevaluebyname of the device and it return a "1" which I assume means trouble.

        I then plugged the battery back in... but neither the trouble device nor the voltage indicator updated in HS for a bit.

        When they did, I re-ran the device script and it now showed "0" which I assume to mean no trouble.

        Interestingly, although you say that hs.DeviceStringByName("Battery Low Trouble") works for you, I have to use hs.DeviceStringByName("HAI System Battery Low Trouble") in order to get anything besides a "0" to return.

        This is true when I am checking Last Code Used as well....


          When I use the DeviceValueByName, the Battery Low Trouble works for me, or at least, I do get the same results as you, 0 is good battery, 1 = bad battery. (I thought normal HomeSeer on and off's were 2 and 3, but at least if its consistent, that's O.K.)

          The strange part is when I use DeviceStringByName, which I'm assuming should return the string "OK" or "Trouble" BUT it always seems to return "OK" in either case. The Status view on the page, however, displays correctly.

          So I changed the battery, and the Trouble changed to OK, on the screen at least, but the battery voltage hasn't changed on the page in two days. I thought that was a bit strange. (I don't think PC Access can read battery voltage, or if it could, I didn't see it.) I'm at work, and just ran Snap-Link. That indicated a 277 for the battery, but don't know the formula to convert to voltage.

          My Last Code Used has been displaying correctly, but I haven't tried to read the value of the device. I'm guessing you have to use DeviceStringByName for that one?


            I think I may have tracked down the problems I am having to the beta HAI plugin.

            I had noticed that I was unable to update my zone, button, code and unit names from the config screen's Name Configuration Page. Further, it was often taking 5 minutes to fully inialize the HAI plugin to the point where "Trigger and Events" were active. I tested my panel connection by closing HS and connecting with PC Access and was able to download all information without a problem.

            So.... I downgraded back to the non-beta plugin (which had been causing me mystery zone trips.... but that's another story). With the non-beta plugin, I had absolutely no problems updating the names. In addition, instead of the 5 minute startup, it took about 45 seconds. Best of all.... the Last Code Used is updating without any trouble.

            So.... I'm curious to know what combo of HAI plugin and HS are you (and others as well) using. I'm using the latest HAI beta (2.1.2693.16829) as well as Homeseer version I am also using an Omni II Pro with ROM 2.12a. I'm wondering if others are seeing similar issues.... but just have not narrowed them down to the plugin.

            For example, I had no idea that the Naming Configuration function was not working correctly as I had no need to pull the names as I pulled them way back when I first installed the HAI plugin.

            Thanks for any information that will help me narrow down these issues.




              Ah yes, the age old problem, do you want it to work, or do you want new features. With homeseer, you can't have it both ways. I'm running the latest HAI beta, Homeseer (There is no 2.0.21 that I know of). Have HAI firmware 2.14 now, but 2.12b recently as well.

              The problem with the early HAI plugin for me, is that it lacks a few features that I use, and I also had the mystery trigger problem at times.