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Why is my thermostat event not firing?

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  • Why is my thermostat event not firing?

    I have a simple event set that says when Thermostat 2 current temperatrure becomes less than 80, turn off the ceiling fan. I have another event that says when Thermostat 2 current temperature becomes greater than 80, turn on the ceiling fan.

    Right now it's 78.8 according to the HAI HVAC settings and the fan is still on.

    Did I do something wrong? It doesn't make sense to me... And no, I've not pulled the thermostats off the panel yet. I want to spend my 30 day trial getting everything working the way I want it before I start breaking things apart to integrate homeseer into my system.

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    I do that, and it works for me. You might want to try it as a condition, and add in the condition that the ceiling fan is on. Its also not immediate, but should fire within a minute of the conditions being met.


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      Is there some kind of logging I can turn on to find out why it's not working on my end? I'm so close to having it the way I want it but I just can't seem to figure out that one little detail.


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        Homeseer and the plug-in both have additional logging that you can turn on, but I'm not sure that they will tell you anything. Your best bet is to just experiement with changing the event.