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  • Another error message help

    After thinking my panel was buggy, and sending it back to HAI, in addition to buying FW upgrades (had to do TWICE because HAI incorrectly sent me a blank one the first time) I finally figured out my HAI problem. HomeSeer. It seems that HomeSeer polling is preventing timers from working correctly on my panel!!

    Any, I ONLY want to poll 48 Zones, and two Thermostats hoping that this will reduce/eliminate my problem, but when I attempt to reduce the "unit used and allocation" for devices to zero, I get this error and the plugin won't start.

    10/24/2007 8:49:33 PM - HAI System - HAI: Plug-In Needs additional configuration information (zone, unit info). Please use the web configuration screen to fill in the additional information needed.

    Can anyone give me advice on how to ONLY Zones and my 2 thermostats, and otherwise reduce my panel load as much as possible?


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    Post a plugin comms log showing the problem and I'll have a look. While I don't use the hs plugin anymore, I don't have any problems with timers and polling zones/events etc.
    Like I said last time ( if you read my post ) i think the plugin is probably "looping" a command causing the timmer to stop. As you know, with the omni if you do a "turn on unit x for 1 minute" and that unit gets an "on" it'll stop the timmer and keep the unit on. That's my guess anyway.




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      The Omni problem that I witness goes like this. I start PC Access, and run it through the Ethernet port. HomeSeer is connected through a serial port.

      In PC Access, lets say I select flag, and I set up a flag to be on for 30 seconds. In PC Access, what I would expect to see is that flag set to 1, with the timer next to it counting down 30, 29, 28....
      What I actually see is the countdown start, then end abruptly. Maybe a 30, 29 then the timer is gone, and the flag is set to 0.

      If I am NOT running HomeSeer, the timers operate correctly. I didn't see this when I owned an Omni II, but now that I think of it, the Omni II only had a serial port, so I had to shutdown HomeSeer to connect PC Access, so I never had both running at once.


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        You're never going to send me a log are you? You'll just keep stringing me along
        I have a theory as to what's happening (as I've said before) but without the hai comms log I can't proove it. I just need it from when you set the flag in pc access, to when it magically goes to zero.



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          Sorry. I'm not ignoring you.
          I guess I'm just not sure where the HAI log is. Do I have to enable logging in the plugin first?

          O.K. So I go into PC Access with HomeSeer running, pick a flag, and attempt to turn it on for say 30 seconds, and then I can send you the log.

          Thanks, I really do appreciate you looking at it if you have any ideas.


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            O.K. I did some research. First, I saw the ability to turn on loggin on the web configuration page of the plug-in. Interestingly enough, and I guess not surprisingly, changes to the web page seem to have no effect on the logging.

            So I tried plan 2, modify the ini file. That did work, and the logging started after a reboot. I will send you the two log files.

            Now, something interesting. When the plug-in is logging, the problem doesn't seem to occur. I went to PC Access, changed a flag with a timer, and it ran fine. So what seems to be happening is, the logging slows the plug-in down just enough to allow the panel to correctly control its timers. At least this is what it appears after a short bit of research. I will research it more when I get a chance.


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              If you can't reproduce it with logging enabled, then I'm afraid the logs won't be much use.
              I don't think the panel is at fault. I can fire requests to the panel via the ethernet port (2 sessions as a time) way quicker than the com port can and timers work fine for me.
              See if you can get a log where it fails and that will tell us what's going on.



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                Yes, I WISH we could access the panel via the Ethernet port.

                I'll test some more, and if it keeps up, I'll post a message to the help desk. Alot depends on how many programming lines you have also. I have about 110. I think Rick just needs to add in a pause so the panel is not pounded so hard. Remember PC Access only gathers panel info when requested, the plugin asks for it over and over.


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                  Originally posted by anogee View Post
                  Yes, I WISH we could access the panel via the Ethernet port.
                  I hate to tell you this but, well... actually... you don't

                  There is a problem with the ethernet chip HAI use on the omni panels. Depending on the amount of traffic on the network (broadcast/multicast specifically and it doesn't actually need to be much, just at the right time) the ethernet chip can return to the omni processor "Yes I have sent that packet" when in fact, it hasn't.
                  What does this mean? You can poll for system events (how the omni reports zone changes etc), the omni builds the response, sends it the ethernet chip, chip doesn't actually send it, but reports back ok, omni removes the events from the event queue as it thinks you got them (but you didn't).
                  What does this really mean? You lose system events. Eg you'll "miss" zone changes. It's not just system events it can happen with any command you send the panel, it'll process the command but the response will get lost.

                  I know this as I was working with HAI a few months back, even sent them example code to replicate the problem. I was finding that the panel wasn't sending responses to packets.
                  Super long story short (lets say working with HAI was no fun at all, took me MONTHS before I even got in contact with one of the guys that writes the firmware), they were able to duplicate the problem and it was a problem with the ethernet controller sending back "ok" when it actually failed to send the packet. There is no fix, unless they change the hardware ethernet controller they use. There is nothing they can do to fix it, as it's not a problem they can work around, they send the packet to the ethernet chip, the chip screws up but send back "Yeap, sent it, all ok" when it's not.
                  This is regardless of the number of ethernet sessions you use, delay between packets etc, if the panel gets the wrong packet at the wrong time, it'll mess up.

                  So after an AMAZING amount of work on my part to get the whole ethernet comms working in (as the HAI sdk is HORRIBLE) it was all as waste and the panel can just drop events. Lucky it wasn't too hard to change it to use 2 serial ports instead of 2 ethernet sessions.

                  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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