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HAI Omni Lt Serial Adapter

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  • HAI Omni Lt Serial Adapter

    I just spent a bit of time connecting an HAI OmniLt to a PC for PC access. I had to build the null modem cable/adapter and wanted to put the pinout info here since it was one of the sources I checked for the info but couldn't find it.

    Looking at the RJ11 with the tab up and into the back where the wires go in... pin 1 on the left then 2,3,4.

    1---------3 data transmit
    2---------2 data receive
    3---------1,4,6 [data] carrier detect, set ready, terminal ready
    4---------5 signal ground

    On the DB9 pins 1,4,and 6 are shorted together (jumpered). Also pins 7 and 8 are shorted together. Pin 9 is not used.

    The set up I ended up with is an AirLink 101 USB to serial adapter model AC-USBS; comes up as COM3. Plugged into this is a DB9 to RJ45 adapter wired as above using pins 3,4,5,6 on the RJ45 (the 4 center ones) to represent 1,2,3,4 on an RJ11. The house is prewired with cat5 which is why I used an RJ45 adapter. The data travels about 30-40 feet over cat5 to the Omni panel where an RJ11 is wired in. It works fine, just wanted to put the data out there in case anyone needed it.