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HAI Omni Pro II Arm/Disarm?

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  • HAI Omni Pro II Arm/Disarm?

    What do these various arm settings mean

    ion value="Disarm">Disarm</option>
    <option value="Arm in Day Mode">Arm in Day Mode</option>
    <option value="Arm in Night Mode">Arm in Night Mode</option>
    <option value="Arm in Away Mode">Arm in Away Mode</option>
    <option value="Arm in Vacation Mode">Arm in Vacation Mode</option>
    <option value="Arm in Day Instant Mode">Arm in Day Instant Mode</option>
    <option value="Arm in Night Delayed Mode">Arm in Night Delayed Mode</option>

    so what would panic mode be?
    what would arm stay be for at night?

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    These are the zone armed modes.
    0 = Disarm
    1 = Day
    2 = Night
    3 = Away
    4 = Vaction
    5 = Day Instant
    6 = Night Delayed

    I don't know what you mean by "arm stay be for night"? There are only the 7 modes as listed above (unless you are running a HAI Lumina controller).
    These are Area Arming Status values, not Alarm Activation Status.

    When you get an alarm condition, the area goes into an "alarm" state.
    There are 8 alarm status

    A Zone set as a panic zone, when activated, trips a Burglary Alarm, the zone reported is the "Police Emergency" zone. From this, if the Omni dials out to an alarm monitoring company they can tell it's a panic alarm.



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      I can't find any help files on this plugin. From MainLobby how do I create various "Arm", Arm Stay, Panic" buttons. Any idea?


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        The plugin help file is web based.
        If you have installed the plugin, login to the homeseer web page you'll see an orange button called "HAI Plug-in WebHelp" click it and it'll open the help pages.
        To change the panel arming status look at the HAI_Arm_Disarm function.
        To activate the alarm (panic switch for example) you will need to be a bit creative and maybe loop back a relay output to a zone, set the zone as a "Panic" zone, then use HAI_Unit_On/HAI_Unit_Off to toggle the Relay, thus causing the zone to be "not-ready" and triggering the alarm.
        Personally I wouldn't use this type of setup for a panic switch. If the homeseer machine/mainlobby/etc isn't working then you don't have your panic switch. The latest Omni firmwares have an "activate alarm" function where you can trigger an alarm (Burglary, Fire, Auxillary) but you need the latest firmware, and the HAI plugin doesn't support that function yet.
        How you get this all to work via MainLobby... No idea, I don't use MainLobby so I don't know.