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HAI Status not displaying

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  • HAI Status not displaying

    Hi, I organized (ripped up) my wiring wall this summer along with my wifes' kitchen remodel. I finally got most of it re-assembled. (her kitchen isn't done yet )
    When i turned HS back on it wouldn't show my HAI zone, stats, or unit status on the Homeseer status pages. All i see is Status "unknown" & Last change "Never set" right down the column.

    I checked the com ports & fiddled with the settings & finally went back to a clean start. After re-installing homeseer & loading the updates I GOT THE SAME RESULT.

    Just before beating the box with my fists, I noticed that the zones etc. are named & showing status just fine on their respective HAI pages (the orange HAI buttons at the top of the page) Why would they record status there & not on the device status page??

    v and HAI v2.0.0.19 latest & greatest freshly updated.


    I see I'm not totally correct, the "HAI System" status page IS displaying status' correctly, the HAI stats,units & zones status pages are still showing nothing.
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    Hope this makes things clearer, the lower page is both named and is showing status, the upper is not.
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      Helloooooo out there

      I think I got buried by the long weekend.
      Hey Tinker, any idea why data would show on one screen & not show up on another? I've deleted & re-created devices a couple times.


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        Was there always a difference in the zone names between the status HAI zone status screeen and the homeseer status display?
        Eg: Garage Door L vs Zone 001.

        Backup your config, then delete all the HAI devices and get the plugin to recreate them.



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          Thanks for the response,
          y'know, I've deleted/re-created devices a few times.
          And yes, the names are being created correctly now.
          But status is hit-and-miss

          After a few hours some zones, not many, will begin to display some status.
          I've had this plug-in for a couple years & it has been rock solid.
          As I mentioned, I had it un-hooked all summer. When it didn't work I first figured the problem
          what a comm or cable. Then when I noticed the status was being reported in one place and
          not another I got confused.
          I have futzed with it uncountable times & really thought I had it figured out.

          Thanks again for the response, I'll report back.
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            Ok, I let it run overnight & there is no change this morning.
            Same deal, status shows on "HAI Security" page & not on status page.
            (above page looks identical this am)

            Previously, 3 or 4 zones had shown a status & "last change" but the readings were not current.

            Funny thing, I looked at the log & noticed that events based on zone status have been firing as they should. It would seem that everything is working except status display.

            I think I'll unistall haipi this weekend & try again.


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              Well I spent all weekend un-installing & re-installing both the plug-in and Homeseer itself.

              It seemed I had taken a step backward in that I couldn't even get the zones named any more.

              In exasperation I left all the boxes checked on the config create devices page, hit save & went to bed. (it takes some time to save all the devices & is boring to watch)

              This morning I have a second set of 64 devices. The second set is both named & operating !!!!
              I also have a second set of thermostats, Also operating !!!!!

              Beats me how or why. But it would seem I'm in business again.

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                OK I was all happy & stuff and then I came home tonight.
                I noticed no HAI zones had reported after 11:34 am.
                I went to the log and found this;

                9/8/2008 11:34:46 AM HAI System Checksum calc error: C4E1 and message has 93C1 for message type 5A
                I haven't deleted the redundant devices yet.
                Is this relevant ????
                HELP !!

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