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Moving from OmniPro to OmniPro II question

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  • Moving from OmniPro to OmniPro II question

    I am about to move from my OmniPro to a OmniPro II. The OmniPro has worked great for years but I like to play with new things and I think the OmniPro II will keep be going for years to come.

    The question I have is related programming. I use the Dealer PC Access 2.16a program and know that I can not load the OmniPro program to the OmniPro II controller. At least I think that is correct. Can I use the Export/Import function to save a lot of typing? I assume any programming in the OmniPro can be handled by the OmniPro II.

    I have about 30 zones, 50 controlable lights with 500 lines of code and reprogramming all would be painful.


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    After talking to HAI it looks like the answer is no. Retyping seems to be the only way.


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      Yes, no. They do have a way to move between a Omni IIe and a Pro, but basically nothing else. I had to do the same when upgrading from a II to a ProII. You might want to wait for version 3 of the FW and PC Access. It should offer many more features and you could probably use the features during the rewrite process. So when should it be available? Latest word from HAI is that it will be available 3 months ago.


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        They are saying any day now... I hope soon.
        Martin Custer