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HAI RC-80 Setpoint Commands

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    HAI RC-80 Setpoint Commands

    I am new to HS2 and am starting up my System. I am not able to change my setpoints from HS2. Other commands appear to work. When i command the stat the log file records

    9/8/2008 8:54:38 PM - Warning - Failed sending Z-Wave command to device(s): House House Cooling Setpoint ([29)

    I have two z-wave units which are both lights. I guess I don't understand why commands are going to Z-Wave devices instead of my stat.
    (if they are)?

    Changing the setpoint at the stat DOES display correctly on refresh update.

    I am using HAI Plug In.

    If you are using Z-Wave you need to use the Z-Wave tstat plugin from the HomeSeer updater.


      Thanks for your reply. Reading it I realized I may have not furnish enough information for valid troubleshooting.

      The Stat I have is a HAI RC-80 connected to an Omni LT. It continues to work perfectly as it has for two years. I am upgrading my front end to HS2 but will continue to use the LT and related HAI Program for standalone Fire & Security and HVAC. I would however like to write scripts for non critical applications therefore I would like to be able to set set points from HS2.
      Considering the above is the Z-tool Stat. Plug In still the possible solution?

      Thanks for service to this Board.