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    Get Names from Panel

    I'm sure this has been asked here before, but I haven't been able to locate the thread. I'm running the lastest HomeSeer with the Lastest HAI Plugin. When I push the Get Names from Panel button to tell HomeSeer to download the names of everything from the HAI OnmiPro II it downloads the First Zone name (Fire Smoke) but nothing else. And it doesn't get any type of error or log entry. Funny thing is when the plugin loads and starts communication with the panel the names of the messages are correctly downloaded and listed in the homeseer log. Am I missing something?
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    Same problem

    I'm having exactly the same problem. If you figured out an answer, please post it!



      Count me in also. I'm having the exact same bug.


        Bug importing HAI zone descriptions

        There is a related bug in the HAI Omni plug-in (current beta version.) Since HomeSeer did not import the names (except for the first one) I had to type in all of the zones manually -- which was not a big deal because although I have about 150 zones, it did allow me to enter more descriptive names.

        Unfortunately, there are still many parts of HomeSeer where the description will simply read "Zone 096" etc. For example, the Device List on the Status tab shows this -- it will not show the description of the zone.

        I wouldn't call this a major bug since it does not presumably affect any logic; it's just an annoyance.