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    HAI Beta Head Scratcher

    I upgraded to HS 2.3 & took a chance on the HAI beta.
    I have a routine I'm using on my HAI panel (Omni2pro) to turn off lights.

    If livingroom IR not ready => livingroom occ on for 30 minutes
    when livingroom occ off => turn off livingroom lights

    I have several similar routines.
    In short, the lights weren't turning off !!

    I discovered that the controller timers/counters were not counting back to 0 but rather counting back only to 1 and stopping there, so- the counters (and lights) never turned off.
    This wasn't absolute, some were more reliable than others, some hung always, others, not so much.
    I don't have HS set any values in the panel, I just monitor them and act on changes.

    I rolled back to the current HAI build (non beta) & the problem disappeared.
    I'm not sure if this is where to report such things but there ya are.
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