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Units are missing???

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  • Units are missing???

    Im just setting up and testing the HAI plugin for homeseer.
    I have several X-10 motion detectors show up as Units (#'s 213, 214, and 215) within the HAI panel and software. I would like to trigger events when these units change from Off to On. I can see them under the "HAI Units and Devices" Tab. However, when I select the trigger for the events and choose "HAI Unit Triggers" I can only select from number 393 and higher...which seem to be counters. What do I need to do to trigger events from the Units ??

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    Any support availiable in here??
    My trial is about to run out. I read in the forums that the updated (beta?) version lets you have access to the units in the HAI panel. I Still can't see them in homeseer. Can anyone help?