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    I'm having an issue with my HAI flags. I have, for example, an HAI programming line that says;
    "at 6:00 am morning_flag on for 4 hours"
    When I look at the flag status using either snap link or the PC Access software the flag should appear as a countdown clock. But sometimes these flag values are set to a 1, (on) and never shut off.
    Currently my morning flag, according to HS, last changed value yesterday at 6:00 am. and never shut off. (It must have shut off the day before for the status change to occur.)
    It is also currently counting down and will presumably shut off at 10am today as intended.
    The problem is intermittant and not confined to a single flag.
    I asked HAI about it and they told me I must have a programming line elsewhere setting the value to on. I do not.
    I'm running HS and the HAI beta, could something in the HS polling be setting these flag values?
    Last edited by Pnord; March 19th, 2011, 09:30 AM.