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Voltage outputs don't work with new HAI plugin

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    Voltage outputs don't work with new HAI plugin

    I've got to say I was thrilled when I had four (soon to be 6) temperature sensors working after so long with the older Hai plugin. The new 'non-beta' version works greate and I like the direction you guys are going with the HSTouch (my next major project (soon)).

    The issue I have is with the older plugin I could use the voltage outputs (385 and above) via HS2 but now it no longer works. Nothing changed except the plugin. The command works fine via the HAI control panel but I want to continue working with the panel since I trigger it with the Humidity sensor.

    I've looked through as much of your forum as I could but couldn't find anything. Is there a trick I'm missing?
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    Thanks for the hint the buttons are macro's as you probably already know. Programed four of them (open on, open off,close on,close off) updated the perl script and now it works. A little convoluted but it gets me there. Now onto the hstouch