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HAI - Alarm Conditions?

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  • Pete
    Hello Bill,

    1 - The threads under the HAI plugin go back to 2002. Search from the beginning staring here:

    Change your display options to beginning.

    2 - Personally with the most current HAI firmware mine is stuck at "reset" and never has changed. I did quit using variable and gone to using scripts. That said its not really working well these days.

    3 - I don't know as I quit doing things using the Homeseer created variables rather just using the HAI created variables from the panel. (it was like a double set of variables anyways)

    The new linux plugin will speak IP to the HAI Panel. It should elimate some of the legacy serial issues.

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  • robilium
    started a topic HAI - Alarm Conditions?

    HAI - Alarm Conditions?

    Hi guys -

    A few questions.

    1. Oddly when I go to HomeSeer Message Board > Security Systems Support > Security System Plug-Ins in the forums I see only 1 sticky thread and no other threads. Does that seem normal? Once I posted to the HAI linux thread that one showed up too. I know there must be older threads than that?

    2. I am trying to set up events that turn on when an alarm condition occurs and then turn off if disarmed. However, I can not seem to find the combination of device status or information to trigger on.

    I had been trying to use the Alarm Type field - but once triggered it is set to Burglary and never gets changed to Reset. So even if the alarm is disarmed that field still shows as Burglary. Is the only way to do this to make a complex condition that says condition is a Burglary AND it is in one of the 8 different ARMED states?