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Run time errors 13 & 91

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    Run time errors 13 & 91

    I just installed the plugin for OMNI II.
    I selected HAI from the options menu. I rebooted and restarted Homeseer, and I get "error occured loading the HAI panel settings".
    I select OMNI II from the "select your panel model here" menu. I enter my master 4 digit code.
    Click "ok" and it does not respond.
    I click cancel, and I get "runtime error 13 type mismatch".

    Ok that error message and Homeseer starts.
    Go to options and select "hai_system" click on setup, and it does not respond.

    I also do not see the "PLUGIN" menu that others are describing.

    I'm running the trial version of Homeseer, but I have the full purchased version of the HAI plugin.

    Any help is appreciated.

    OK, At least I figured out that you cannot use a master or managers code, it must be a USER code.
    That only took me 4 hours to figure out.
    At least I got to the step where it asks for the number of zones. But than when I select to import names, it does not communicate with panel.

    Question: Since the OMniII only supports 32 X10 devices, is that what I will be limited to with this plugin?


      OK, I seem to be stuck.

      My log shows:

      Initializing I/O

      HAI PLugin version 1.0.0 ( I thought it was supposed 2.0?)

      About to initialize HAI System on com 1

      Panel model: 0 (Omni II) With panel software version 0.0

      What do you think I should try?

      THanks, JOE



        The panel model being returned as a zero (the model in parenthesis is what you chose) means that the plugin is not communicating with the panel.

        The cause of this is likely to be one of these things:
        1. Wrong COM port.
        2. HAI serial port configured for Pro-Link instead of Omni-Link.
        3. Wrong panel code or master panel code used.
        4. Serial connection (cable) is not correct. (This can be tested/eliminated by using HAI's software to talk to the panel.)

        Check those things out and then let Rich know the results or email me the results. I will try to check my email more often.