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  • HAI (Thermostats) user experiance


    We are considering working with HAI Thermostats and therefore I'd like to know what your experiances are with the HAI products and Company.

    I've emailed them with questions several times now, but their lack of response is worring...

    Feedback would be appreciated...

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    I've been very happy with my OmniStats. In my correspondence with HAI, they usually take 2-4 days to reply, but I've always gotten a reply. I don't know when you've mailed them, but last week there was a major home automation show on the (US) west coast, so many of their people might have been out there. Likewise, there is a holiday this Thursday, and not much gets done after Tuesday.

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    My system is described in my profile.
    My system is described in my profile.


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      The stats are UL listed/approved whatever, and that is not something you find in all of the automated stats out there.

      One thing I discovered from one of the users of the HAI plug-in is that if you are using a heat pump stat like the RC100, then the communications protocol when you are talking to the stat standalone allows you to put the stat in emergency heat mode (which is useful if you have a fairly efficient emergency heat AND your heat pump is grossly inefficient at some temperatures) but when the stat is being talked to by the Omni panels, you can't do this! You can only do it by pressing the mode button on the thermostat itself. I couldn't believe this when the guy told me that is what HAI told him, but we went through the two protocols and sure enough that is the case.

      In all other respects the thermostats seem to work fine.