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OmniLT or Omni II?

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    OmniLT or Omni II?

    I have had Homeseer controlling my PCS light switches and RCS thermostat for a couple of years now but have never integrated it with my security system. I'm now thinking of doing so, and I wasn't sure what I needed to get.

    I appeal to the experience of this group.

    I'm prepared to replace my current security panel with one of these HAI panels that seems to be the hot ticket for use with Homeseer. I have 11 security zones.

    My current requirements are pretty simple. The way I imagine things:

    1. Whenever the panel changes mode from DISARMED to ARMED AWAY to ARMED HOME, it would report the mode change to Homeseer.

    2. The panel would also respond to a status request from Homesser by reporting whether it is DIARMED, ARMED AWAY, or ARMED HOME.

    3. Homeseer would be able to change the panel's mode to DISARMED, ARMED AWAY, or ARMED HOME.

    Having the panel report to Homeseer when a zone is opened or closed would be nice, but not something that I would take advantage of initially.

    The panel and the PC need to communicate by X-10, or alternatively by Ethernet. In the future, I might be able to put the PC in the same location as the panel and could therefore use an RS-232 interface.

    Will one of the HAI panels together with the HAI plug-in work the way I have envisioned it? If so, what HAI products do I need to order? Would I be better off with the OmniLT and an expansion pack to cover my 11 zones, or should I spring for the OmniII? I have the Worthington Distribution catalog, and it looks like the X-10 interface is sold separately from the panel itself. Is this right, or does the panel come with X-10 capability built in?

    Thanks in advance...

    <=- Hubert

    The X-10 control logic is built into the board, but you need the wall wart (PSC-05?) to make the connection to the powerline. It's included with the Omni, but not with the LT. Best bet is to get one of the Worthington "promo" packs that include (almost) everything needed. I'm not sure how they are if you want to swap out un-needed parts, i.e. swap an un-needed thermostat for something else. Give them a call (NOT email!) and talk to them if you have questions.

    Yes, to your question on an Omni+ plugin doing what you want. No ethernet on the Omni and LT. Only on the PRO II. You will have to use X10 or RS232.

    I would go with the Omni, but then, it's not my money. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    My system is described in my profile.
    My system is described in my profile.


      Thanks for the feedback. I've now read the help file for the HAI Plug-In, and it looks like I MUST use a serial port to connect that HAI panel to the Homeseer PC and that I can't use either Ethernet or X-10 to facilitate communications between the two instead.

      Have I got that right?


        Sorry for the delay in answering. I was out of town for a few days.

        Yes and no to your question. If you use the HAI plugin, you must use the serial port.

        If all you want is simple communications ("Armed", "Disarmed", "Alarm activated", etc), you can use X10 semaphores instead of the plugin. This is what I did before the plugin was available.

        My system is described in my profile.
        My system is described in my profile.